States of Matter Webquest

Let’s  review the states of matter as we prepare for our climate unit, which going to be a gas!  This will be a solid review with a focus on how particle movement (the movement of atoms and molecules in substances) causes stuff to exist in a particular state.  I’ve included a few videos below, which are best viewed on a plasma screen TV.  And, don’t forget to keep drinking liquids…it’s important to stay hydrated when studying science!

States Of Matter Webquest

In your notebooks, answer the following questions using the websites listed!

Click on the following website to answer questions 1-5:
1. What are the three commonly known states of matter?

2. Give two examples of each of these states of matter.

3. What is the most common reason for matter changing its state?

4. What is the type of matter that changes its form very easily?

5. Draw a picture showing the particle arrangements of each state.


6. Click on following website and list the 4th and 5th states of matter.

7. Click on the following link – after you have placed all items into the correct category, click on quiz. What was your score?

Some good study resources:

Purdue – States of Matter

Chem4Kids – States of Matter

They Might Be Giants – Solid, Liquid, Gas – great song!

Yes, it’s this guy again: everybody, allow me to introduce… Mr. Edmunds!